Learn the Simple SEO Strategies That Can Boost Your Rankings & Get Organic Traffic

The new development and the rapid growth of the Internet industry have made it compulsory for a business to focus more on an organic way to generate traffic to a website and digital networks. Now that thousands of websites are running on the net and new content being uploaded to the net daily, Search Engine Optimization is now much needed than ever to reduce the cost spent on PPC and Ads Campaign. It is vital than ever to highlight your content and make it more appropriate, user-friendly and straightforward.

SEO is the art and the technology of bringing search engines guided traffic to your website. SEO is aimed at making the website as close as possible to the top search engine results.SEO’s specific activities include the development of high-quality content, web optimization around particular keywords and backlinks. So, in short, SEO is strategies built-in a listing created by search engines to boost the location or ranks of a website.

Web design and SEO are two diverse areas, but there must be a certain amount of cooperation. What this means is that it is much more advisable to set up your website having a preliminary knowledge of SEO. Ethical Search Engine Optimization combines the responsive design of a website, ease of use, mobile optimization and relevant content. Although SEO can be tasking and difficult experts apply careful logic and use some tools to ease the task to it. Also, to work around search engine algorithms, you need to understand hundreds of factors that are relevant to search engine placement. Patience, with a lot of skills and knowledge, is a virtue that should be used to create optimal SEO.

Below are the best Strategies to get you started with your Web Optimization


When it comes to SEO, the first thing you want to do is keyword research. A keyword is any phrase you would like your site to rank for in Google’s search results. It can be a single word or a combination of words. You need to look out and be careful if you are to target a single word because they are incredibly competitive and difficult to rank highly for in the search results.

Finding the right keywords is vital in creating an effective SEO campaign. Researching for keywords will give you an insight into what your customers need and what they are looking for. Keywords research will provide you with the ability to predict any shifts in customer demands, response to changing market conditions and also to produce services and content web searchers are seeking.

Start by writing down the names for the core product/service(s) your business sells and Research the keyword or phrase your competitors are ranking on. This will give an insight into how competitive the particular keyword is for ranking.  Tools such as the Google AdWords Keyword Planner, keyword.io, SEM rush and some other tools can help you simplify your keyword research strategy.

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On-Page link building: Internal Link Building

Link building remains one of the best ways to boost your website for ranking. Links are the currency of the web. They connect one or more webpages together. They are the bones of SEO and the biggest factor that determines your position on the search engine.

By building an internal link with the Anchor tag, the Search engine will be able to establish the topic of the linked page and also determine how to rank your page for a specific keyword. For example, if you are linking another page using the anchor text “Creative Media Arizona” this would indicate to search engines that the linked website is a good fit for that query. The more site that used the “creative media Arizona” as their anchor text when referring to that website, the more confident Google or other search engines will be that the linked page should rank for that query.

It is essential to regulate and avoid using too many anchor texts within your page and linking to too many websites. Focus on having more backlinks than interlinks.

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External Linking Strategies That  Help Your Website Rank

Links are the bones of SEO and the biggest factor that determines your position on the search engine. One simple way to find new backlinks is to analyze the backlinks of other sites that are already showing up in the search result for your target keywords. By looking at where their backlinks are, you will have an idea of where you can get yours. You can use tools such as the Moz Open Site Explorer to do backlinks research.

You can then focus on creating a strategy that could get you to where your competitors are getting their backlinks so you can rank high on Google. You can then guest post to drive traffic organically to your websites. Also, focus on getting links on high authority websites to rank quickly when starting. The Open site explorer tool will give you an insight into the page authority, domain authority and the established links of your competitor’s backlinks.

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Create Quality Content That Can Appeal To Your Audience

It is rightly said content is king. Creating high-quality content is one of the best ways to increase your SEO rank in a short amount of time. Posting of quality, relevant and engaging articles tend to attract more traffic and can help position your brand or website as an authority in your niche.

Focus your time on researching your audience. Once you can understand their problems and offer solutions to them, you will able to engage them.Create a content outline and always start with a compelling introduction.The introduction should contain one of your target keywords and use attention-grabbing language that compels users to read the rest of your article. Always perform research on the topic to ensure your content is valuable and insightful.

Also, it is essential to format your articles to ensure your content is easy to read. Make use of the header or H-tags, the meta description to make your content more visible to search engines and readers on your website.

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Your Google My Business PageIs Another Powerful SEO Tool

Using Google My Business page is one of the best to improve local SEO.  Optimizing your business page will help you increase traffic to your website from your location. The information on your Google My Business Page will give the search engine option to locate your business details such as your social media pages, your website and the location. As your leads continue to find you organically through your business page, there is a high chance of you getting more traffic to your website or your store online.

Bottom Line:

Search Engine Optimization is most important to improve the visibility and popularity of your website. It is not an easy task for your audience to find you in the digital space considering the number of competitors and the marketing budget. However, setting up and effective SEO campaign will ensure more organic traffic from the search engine.

Now that you have understood what is involved in getting a website to the top of Google, you may have determined you would need some help with some or all of your SEO work. If so, we’d love to talk with you at Phoenix Premier Digital Marketing & Web Design about taking it on, so you can get on with running the business.

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