7 Important Facts About Marketing Your Website In 2020

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The goal of any website marketing strategy is to bring in more traffic. More traffic, in most cases, will equate to higher profits. The more you promote your website, the greater will be your growth.

Website marketing is a complex topic made up of many facets. In the rest of this article, we will discuss some of the most important aspects of website marketing and how they will benefit your business in 2020.

1. Website Marketing Statistics
2. Search Engine Optimization
3. Optimizing for Google AMP
4. Optimizing for voice search
5. Increase User Engagement with Videos
6. Create A Mobile Responsive Website
7. Google My Business Listing

1.Website Marketing Statistics

Before you start collaborating with a Phoenix web design company about your web marketing needs, it's worth discussing how valuable website marketing and SEO will be to your business in 2020.

In the last year, 60% of people started using voice search. With more people using voice search, you will need to think about discussing your options about optimizing your website to increase your exposure to searches conducted with natural speech.


In regard to content found on the first page of Google, the average article length is 1,890 word


Over at Marketing Profs, [* https://www.marketingprofs.com/charts/2015/27941/marketers-favorite-seo-tactics-and-metrics] 72% of marketers stated that relevant content creation produced the best results for their SEO efforts.

2.Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimizing your site for the search engines continues to be the foundation of any website marketing strategy. When you don't have the right SEO strategies in place, your website suffers in the search results, and you miss out on traffic.

Keyword research, optimizing images, creating compelling content, optimizing your content in a way that Google prefers, and regular posting are all essential components of a sound SEO strategy.

3.Google AMP Pages

AMP (Accelerate Mobile Project) is a Google initiative aimed at improving the user experience of mobile phone users.

The goal is to deliver web site content to small screens as fast as possible. You can tell when a page has been optimized for AMP by the lightning symbol that appears next to the URL in a Google search.

The search giant is yet to confirm if AMP optimized pages are receiving any favoritism in their algorithm. However, the increasing number of search results featuring lightning bolts is convincing evidence that AMP pages are the way forward.

Don't neglect the power of AMP pages to improve your visitors' experience. Google will no doubt give preference to these types of pages moving forward.

Optimizing for voice search
Optimizing for voice search

4.Optimizing for Voice Search

Voice recognition technology has reached a level of accuracy that makes it a fast and convenient way of operating a mobile device. Telling Google what you are looking for is much quicker than using a clunky on-screen keyboard.

It's not just mobile devices, because more people are turning to Cortana to do a quick search via voice when they are in front of their desktops or laptops.

When typing in a search box, concise and short keyword phrases have become the order of the day. However, voice searches are completed using more natural, conversational phrases. Voice search is also used in a more local capacity, such as finding a local restaurant or hairstylist, because your phone knows your physical location.

More people are talking to their devices using natural speech. Be sure your website is optimized for this new trend in search.

5.Increase Your Use of Video Content

Bandwidth levels are increasing, and we see technology capable of ever-faster download speeds.

Some of your audience will still prefer to read text, but video has become an increasingly important component of a website for increasing user engagement.

You may have noticed in recent years that videos consistently get the top spots in the search results. There is an excellent reason for this; Google knows that a high proportion of their audience is more likely to watch a video than read a page of text.

Faster download speeds mean that watching a video in high definition is a convenient way to consume content, even on a mobile device.

If your website marketing strategy does not yet include video, then you should consult with a web design professional for ideas on how you can get this content on your website as soon as possible.

Don't neglect the power of video to increase user engagement. Keep videos short and sweet for the best results.

Create A Mobile Responsive Website
Create A Mobile Responsive Website

6.Mobile Responsive Designs

Smartphones mean that most of your prospects can search the internet wherever they are at any time.

Providing a great user experience on every device, not just desktops, has become an increasingly important part of any website marketing strategy.

Fortunately, many website platforms make it easy to ensure your pages look great no matter what size screen they are viewed on. Check with your website developer to learn more about ensuring your website is mobile responsive.

More people are researching businesses on mobile devices, so you must have your website optimized for the experience.

7.Google My Business for Improving SEO

Google My Business (GMB) is a free tool provided by Google a business can use to manage their online presence across Google. The tool even covers Search and Maps to help your customers easily find your location or contact you.

Your Google My Business listing can also be a valuable tool for finding out more about your customers. You will be able to gather insights into how your customers are finding you, how many called you directly from the business listing and create and track smart campaigns to help you get the word out.

GMB is a powerful tool for enhancing your SEO efforts, especially when considering the local search results. Cover photos, maps, opening times, and contact details could all be displayed in a prominent location in the search results to increase your market exposure dramatically.

GMB is a powerful and free tool provided by Google that all businesses can use to enhance their web marketing efforts.

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