3 Simple Steps  To  Website Optimization

Having a website is just the first step to getting clients through the world wide web.   You’re probably thinking to yourself how can my website appear in the proper category when some goes to search for the type of service my business provides? In this article I will point out 3 things that will help optimize your website for search engine optimization.

Applying these principles will help your website to rank better in search engines and will help to increase your chances of your website being ranked higher . Here are 3 things that can help you enhance your website for search engine results .

1. Add key word to the alt tag on the images on all the images for each image on every single page on your website.

2. Make sure the information on every page has a key term in the header tags and body of the website. that relates to the type of service your business .
3. Make sure your meta tags and descriptions have the proper key term, location, and call to action to them.

It’s important that when you add images to your website the you rename the image title with a keyterm and the location of your business. You can also add the another key term with the location in the alt tag of your image.
Look at the sample below as to how to do this in wordpress or html.

When using key terms in the body and headers of your website first research which keywords people are typing when looking for a particular service that pertains to your business . You can do this by researching which keywords people are using the most when searching for your type of business.

Once you have established this its important to add those key terms in the header tags and body of the website. This will help the google spiders crawl for those key terms that will help to rank your website in the proper category when people go to look for. For example if you have a business that has to do with garage door repair you would search the key terms for garage door repair .

If garage door repair is the most popular term used for that industry you want to make sure the you use the term garage door repair in your header and body along with the location of your business . This will help your website to rank more effectively.

Here’s some links where you can research terms for your business


The last thing you want to include on your websites is propely labeling your your meta tag descriptions and apply a call to action that will get users to check out your website . A meta tag is what show up in the search results when google the key word to your business . ( fig 1.1)

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As you will see the meta tag include the key term that’s related to your business followed by the city name . It’s also a good idea if your have room to add you business phone number or some sort of call to action that will get viewers to click on your website or call a phone number. Right below the meta tag you will see a description.

This where you will write brief description about the services your business provides along with the key term you used in the meta tag and on your website. (Fig 1.2)

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Having all these key elements such as alt tags, keywords, and meta data will help give your website the boost it needs to rank in google. This is just a start there are a lot more elements that SEO provides that will help rank your website and not to mention services from search engine provers that will further increase you website optimization . Theses are some of the tools that will help you get started you can do the work yourself or you can’t contact your local design agency to help you get your website optimized .

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