Brand Building with Web Design – Tips from A Leading Scottsdale Web Designer

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Brand Building with Web Design – Tips from
A Leading Scottsdale Web Designer

Brands are symbols, and symbols are designs that represent other qualities. The goal of branding is to create instant recognition of quality, trust, and reliability whenever people come across any of your marketing material.

Building your brand will help win more customers and keep the ones you have already. Brands develop positive associations with the past experiences they have had with your company.

Customers have an innate desire always to go for the safer option when faced with choosing out of a selection of products or services with similar features and pricing. When it comes time to buy, it’s your branding which will lead them to choose your company as the safest solution.

Your companies web design will be the first point of contact for many of your leads, so your site’s design must strengthen your brand. A popular Scottsdale advertising agency with years of experience in web design have the following tips to help you effectively brand your website.

Here are some get tips to build your brand for your local Phoenix business

  • Develop Your Brand’s
  • Consistent Design Choices
  • Positioning Your Logo
  • State Your Value Proposition First
  • Use High-Quality Content to Build Authority

1. Develop Your Brands

Your web design can help build your company’s character. When we refer to character, we are describing how the public perceives your company. Is your organization all about safety and reliability, or is it creative and fun? Do you want to come across as a serious and conscientious company?

It’s in people’s nature to anthropomorphize everything (attributing human-like features to animals and objects), which includes assigning people-like qualities to a business. You can use this quirk of human nature to your advantage by creating an instantly recognizable brand that people will associate with a character and personality.

Coca-Cola is an excellent example of a company branding itself as the life of the party. Twitter’s blue bird mascot is another example of an instantly recognizable brand, despite the bird often taking on different design features.

2.Consistent Design Choices

Your branding should flow through every page of your website. Colors, fonts, and graphical choices should all link back to your design guide, so all pages project a uniform image.

Color choice goes more in-depth than aesthetics alone. The color palette of your website will trigger emotions and forge subconscious associations with your brand. For this reason, color choice is a dominant factor in portraying the personality of your organization.

Green is the color of nature, the environment, and good health, making it a great choice for health sites. Red is vibrant, energetic, and full of power, so it’s an excellent choice for a business in the entertainment industry. Black is often associated with severe, professional companies like attorneys or finance, but it is also often associated with sophistication and high-end luxury.

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3.Positioning Your Logo

A highly sought-after Scottsdale advertising and web design agency stresses that your logo is vital to your branding. You should position your logo where people expect to see it and make it large enough that it’s instantly recognizable.

For most of your visitors, the upper left corner of the page is where they will expect to see your company logo. Therefore, it’s not surprising that most website designs place the logo in this position. However, depending on your audience, other locations may be more suitable.

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4.State Your Value Proposition First

When your visitors first land on your page, they are looking for answers, most likely be to a query they have typed into the search engines.

According to a popular Scottsdale web design firm, you should never leave your visitors guessing about how your business can solve their problem or improve their life somehow.

Place your value proposition at the top of the page. Preferably, it should be close by or next to the logo. The value proposition should be one of the first things people notice on your site.

While you want to make your position clear for the visitor, you also want to ensure your value proposition is a short but memorable statement. A carefully worded value proposition ensures your visitor knows they are in the right place, and that they should keep on reading.

A value proposition also makes it clear that you understand the visitor’s pain point, and that you know how to solve it. Get specific by naming the pain and stating the issue, so your visitor is in no doubt that your company is the source of their solution.

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5.Know Your Demographic

Knowing your demographic will help you set the tone of your website copy, so it will appeal to your audience.

A lawyer’s website should keep their copy formal, while a tech site catering to a younger audience will improve results with a lighthearted or down to earth tone.

A representative of local Scottsdale web designers advises that it’s not just what you say that’s important to your brand, it’s also how you say it. If you don’t settle on a tone that speaks to your audience, then you will find it very difficult to keep them on your site.

6.Use High-Quality Content to Build Authority

Website content serves two purposes for your website. Firstly, it helps the search engines understand your business so it can be accurately ranked in the search engines. Secondly, it provides answers to your customer’s queries.

Most business websites will benefit by including a blog as part of the design. Regularly updating the blog will improve your site’s ability to rank in the search engines while also providing more value to your visitors. Your authority in your industry will be increased. Plus, the more your readers interact with your brand, the more they will come to trust it.

It usually takes two or three interactions with a visitor before a sale is made. A blog is a perfect vehicle for ensuring your visitors have reason to keep coming back to your site.

You know you need to build your brand through your website. If you are also wondering how to go about it or where you will find the time, then you need to check out Phoenix Creative Media’s Scottsdale web design service.

Not only are they experts at building brands, but they can also provide all the website services your site needs to be successful. Scottsdale web designers can offer affordable solutions for SEO, landing page design, content creation, website analytics, and website hosting and maintenance to keep your business secure.

 Hi, I’m Robert your local Phoenix web design expert. I’ve been working with businesses for about 9 years, and helping them with their website, graphic design, and digital marketing needs. I serviced local businesses with web & graphic design services in Metro Detroit before moving here from Michigan. One of the things I enjoyed when serving local business in my community was the connection I had with my clients and helping them achieve their web design goals and making their businesses rank on online search engines. Now that I’m in Phoenix, I want to share that same passion with the community. If you’re struggling to create a website or have a website that’s not converting call today and I will be happy to help you  get on the path to success.

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