Tempe Web Design : Tips on the Principle of Contrast in Web Design

Tips on the Principle of Contrast in Web Design

An essential must-have of any standard business in this era is a website that represents the firm or organization, its values or goals, and what it is offering professionally. One of the best ways to portray this is in the aesthetics of the website, which can be achieved from scratch or using templates. Using either web development or design, in which the difference is in code writing or using preset templates, the end product must say the same thing, “we mean business and we’re here to give you the best offer.” You can achieve such by using contrasts when designing the website. In this post, our web design company in Tempe, AZ,will be sharing some Web Design Strategies using contrast.

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How To Apply Contrast In Your Web Design

Contrast in web design

The contrast in web design is similar and serves the same purpose as in any other form of design like graphic design or photography, and that is to accentuate the differences between the elements of the design. When building a website, there are different elements you put together, elements like images, text, icons, etc. and their relevance vary in the context for which we use them. Some of the uses of the contrast when building a website include making emphasis or giving direction, highlighting pieces of information, attracting or keeping the viewer’s attention on a particular subject, etc. You can achieve web design contrast from the following areas:

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Use Contrasting Colors  In Your Web Design To  Make Design Elements Stand Out


The contrast in color is usually the most aspect people think of when the word “contrast” pops up in website design or any other form of design. We use color  contrast to show differences between elemental classes of a website. For example, most sites will use color contrast to differentiate between the main background of the page and the backgrounds of other elements like drop-down menus or pop-ups. You can also use color contrast to emphasize or show texts of interest. For example, when using red-colored asterisk and words to indicate must-fill areas on a form. Another place we use color contrast in web design is for easy navigation; have you ever surfed on a website that does not highlight clickable links, the experience is not pleasant, compared to a website that highlights clickable links even before clicking. One primary yet effective method of applying color contrast is by using complementary colors. When correctly done, it gives your website an aesthetic and professional feel.

How To Make Your Website Stand Out  Using Dark & Light Color in Your Website

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Darkness and lightness

What if I want to build a website, and I want something classy yet simple, or too many colors will not correctly represent my brand or client? Darkness and lightness are often generalized with color contrast in web design, but it is different and requires more skill and experience to achieve professionalism. Examples of dark and light in web design are outright black and white and monochromes. Our Tempe web design company recommends,  when using monochromes is to use the lighter variants of your chosen color as the background and use darker shades as you work your way up to other elements like texts and icons. Also, for a more artistic or comic look, you can use combined effects like alternating background and other elements’ shade in split-screens. Still, you must ensure the ratio is correct to enable comprehension.

The Use Of Contrast In Text or Typography To Bring Out Elements In Your Web Design

Text is a major essential element in web design as it can serve as the main subject of interest or support the central theme, especially when it is in another elemental form. Bold, italics, caps, font style, and alignment all make up the typography when designing websites, and you can apply contrast using any of the features to pass your intended message.

Use Contrast In Size When Using Elements In Your Web Design

Texts, icons, and other elements in web design play different roles when their sizes vary. Our eyes are automatically drawn to larger and conspicuous items on the screen, and in this case, the more significant texts. The best way to bring contrast in size is by joining elements similar in everything, but size other methods include spacing; you can also use wider spacing between words to create a contrast. We often use contrast in size to ensure the viewer is focusing on what the web designer intends and also when color contrast is not enough to make the statement.

To explore and get unlimited access to unique and effective contrasts for building your website, click here to contact our Tempe web design company.We have the knowledge, skills and experience to build and design your website.

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