Why Hiring a Phoenix Metro Area Web Designer is Better than DIY?

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Why Hiring a Phoenix Metro Area Web Designer is Better than DIY?

Once you have finally convinced yourself that your business needs a website, you’ve probably wondered why you shouldn’t just make your own. After all, companies like Wix, Weebly, and SquareSpace make it look so easy. However, a website is more than the sum of its parts.

Sure, there are plenty of reasons in favor of creating a website yourself:

·   You have complete control over all design aspects,
·   It’s live as soon as you’re done,
·  Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace make web designing look easy and fun,
·  And it’s free or close to it.

The reasons above all sound great and reasonable and some people will take to web designing like a duck to water. However, once you make a start, you will soon realize creating a website is a little more complicated than you first thought.

Here are the reasons why it makes more sense to hire your local Phoenix metro area website designer.

Web Design is More Technical Than Web Building Companies Let On

We’ve all seen the ads where a famous personality or small business owner create a website in just a few minutes, but these are cleverly crafted illusions.

Web design is a technical process requiring a high level of proficiency. If you don’t have the experience, then you will need to spend quite a few hours, weeks, and months getting yourself up to speed.

You will need to know about image optimization, SSL (secure socket layer), child themes, cPanels, backups, and a whole slew of other web technologies the ads never mention.

You’ve been told that you will never have to touch a line of code when designing your website. However, if you don’t know what an alt tag is, have no clue about mobile responsiveness, or understand the difference between padding and margins, then you’re not going to create the most efficient design.  

Dragging and dropping will only get you so far, but understanding the intricacies of website design will take you the rest of the way. Most business owners don’t have the time to get themselves to that level of proficiency – which brings us to the next point.  

Website’s Take Time to Design

A good web designer who knows their craft will need a few days to create even the simplest of designs. Someone new to building websites could spend weeks, if not months, getting their first website live, while making plenty of mistakes along the way.

The problem with web design is that if you have no experience, you won’t even know you have made mistakes. Mistakes in optimization and mobile responsiveness could mean that your website never gets indexed by the search engines.

People visiting from their mobile phones could have such a horrible experience that they leave as soon as they arrive. All your hard work is wasted because your site never has a chance to get its message across.

Website’s Need to Create A Good User Experience

Web designers are an unusual breed because they mix technological know-how with excellent design skills. A website that looks pretty may not function as good as it looks. On the other hand, a site which runs well, may not look the part.

Good web designers know how to fuse technology with functional design, so all your branding is on point, and your visitors receive the best experience possible.

Great design is more than about looks; it’s also about speed. If your webpage takes longer than 3 seconds to load, your visitors are unlikely to hang around waiting for it.

Your Phoenix  web designer has the experience to combine excellent website design with technical efficiency, and can service the entire USA even if you aren’t local, so give them a call today.


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