In my article the 6 Principles Of Influence & How It Can Be Applied To Your Digital Marketing strategy & Website  Strategy,  I talk about 6 strategies  of  persuasion such as social proof, liking, reciprocity, consistency, scarcity, & authority, and how you can apply them to online marketing in website design. In this article I will cover the Authority Principle and how when you establish yourself as it can be used to motivate others to take action on your website or when you’re doing a marketing campaign.

The principle of authority is based on the idea that people follow the lead of credible experts. It’s about the look for someone who has superior knowledge and expertise. The principle is especially useful at times of uncertainty.

Authority can also mean years of experience. People are more likely to do business with someone with over ten years experience in a field rather than committing to someone still on probation.

What authority principle communicates is that people are more likely to commit to you once you proved to them you are an authority, a professional and the best at what you do. For instance, if you just started a business and you’re not sure how to set-up re-targeting Ads for your marketing campaign, and you’ve always run your Ads before when it was just basically for promotion and not conversion tracking. In this situation, you wouldn’t want to rely on an ordinary person because you’d feel competent. You wouldn’t want to be in a situation of uncertainty, knowing in your mind you need an expert to do this. To solve this issue, you will surely want to find a professional to handle this, probably a certified Facebook Ads Manager with the credibility and skills needed to solve your problem.

You need to signal to people what makes your products or services credible, competent authority before you make your influence attempt. By building a brand and leveraging social proof, people will quickly know what you are capable of.

Below are the ways to apply the authority principle in your Online Marketing.

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YouTube Content Marketing Is A Great Way To Show People You’re An Expert

YouTube marketing is now a vital part of any successful internet marketing strategy. Based on Alexa analytics, YouTube is the thirds most visited site on the planet, standing after Facebook and Google.

Video marketing is quickly growing and appears to be getting bigger day by day. It is essential to create a YouTube marketing strategy to publicize your services and products, and one of the best ways to execute this is by creating a channel. Once you have a channel, create authority for your brand by focusing on a niche. Whichever niche you select, start to post relevant content in your niche and be passionate because making great videos is fun but also time-consuming. A real enthusiasm for your niche is an absolute must.

Once you establish yourself as a professional in a niche, you will continue to have more subscribers and more leads, and also, you can get to make money from YouTube once you have more subscribers. Also, use social media to promote your videos and from there, you can get to grow your channel which means more authority. A perfect example of an authority in digital marketing is Neil Patel. He knows the in and out of digital marketing, and he’s an established authority in the digital marketing space.

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Appearing A Guest On A Niche Related Show Or Guest Posting Is A Great Way To Show off your Expertise

  • Appearing as a guest on someone’s YouTube channel
    Another way to establish yourself as an authority is to appear on someone’s’ YouTube channel with a similar niche. Appearing on niche-specific channel will open an opportunity to connect with potential audiences when you start growing yours as well as allowing you to relate with experts in your niches. Once you are featured in a top channel in a niche, people will see you as an authority.
  • Guest posting blog content on Authoritative website
    Guest posting is the art of writing an article for a website and get a link to your website/blog. Guest posting content on an authoritative website will not only make you an authority, but it will also help SEO of your blog. Aside from the essential on-page and off-page SEO, getting high quality, relevant backlinks from high domain authority sites are vital to ensure raking faster on the search engine. There are several ways to find blogs and websites to guest posts. However, you need to make sure the blog has a good social following and receives a good number of comments & social shares for its articles​. An excellent tool you can use to find websites and blogs to guest post is Content Explorer.

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Gathering Google Reviews From Others Or Social Shares Are A Great Way To Attract New Clients

  • Social Shares and mentions
    Social proof and shares are one of the best ways to build an authority. People will tend to trust and believe someone that has over a million engagement than someone with just a thousand. The goal of the principle of authority is to make people follow you and be convinced you are the right man for a task. The social proof, shares, and mentions are part of the things a potential client will consider. Online engagement and social sharing lead to an increase in website visitors, engagement and repeat business.
    Indisputably, social media is the first and best medium to get instant authority and trust online in building a strong brand.
  • Google Reviews
    Google is the biggest search engine in the world. Google My Business page is used for local SEO to find business locally. The Google reviews are by far the best way to give your business more credibility. To have more reviews, you can humbly ask customers for sincere feedback, request for recommendations, reviews, and remind them in your email marketing. The positive reviews will help peoples have trust in your products or services, and it is your responsibility to offer outstanding services to your prospects.


Social proof and authority are vital in establishing and sustaining a brand or business. If you have been having problems applying authority in your online marketing, focus ad follow the steps outlined above.
For more explanation on this principle and how you can apply it to your digital marketing strategy, you can contact our web design and marketing company in Phoenix, AZ. We service business in the phoenix metro area and beyond.

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