How to Find Keywords for Your Website to Get Organic Traffic

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Keyword research is an elementary function in search engine optimization. Without this activity the success of a website is definitely doomed to failure. Keywords are keywords with which both webmasters and users associate an Internet presence. These must therefore be chosen with care. Furthermore, web designers slip into the role of their website visitors during keyword research. They locate phrases and keywords that users enter in search engines. Then they place them in a clever way in their online presence in order to appear as high as possible in the organic (unpaid) search results. The challenge, however, is to find the right keywords that are popular with users but stand out from the competition. However, finding the right keywords will go a long way in improving websites accordingly.

What is a keyword?

A keyword refers to any word or multi-word phrase that a search engine user types into a search engine bar.Basically,It’s the keywords that all websites are severely battling over, and it can get mighty aggressive given that search engine optimization is a game, and to get to the top of Search Engine Result Page for any given keyword you’re going to have to knock someone else off it first. SEO is very much like a game, which is what makes it so thrilling.A keyword can be a single word,can also be a combination of words. It’s advisable to target combinations of words rather than a single word because single word keywords are extremely competitive, and difficult to rank highly for in the search results.

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Keyword Research Tools

One of the best ways to determine a keyword to use in ranking a website is to use the Keyword Research Tools. You can make use of the Google Keyword Planer tool, Google Search Console, SEM Rush, all to simplify the best keyword for your niche and also to determine the keywords your competitors are ranking for. Google Search Console will show some of the searches that your site has shown up for, and many of these will make good keywords to add to your list. SEM Rush on the other end is a paid tool that will find out the other phrases you’re ranking for. However, any of this tool and some other ones will be helpful when executing keyword research strategy.

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Keywords Strategy Goals

In starting a keyword research strategy, write down the names for the core product/service(s) your business sells. These keywords are the ‘seed’ keywords—the ones you immediately jump to when describing your business or products. Next, imagine yourself in the shoes of your potential target customer and consider which phrases you would use if you were looking for these products or services. When searching for the business, a customer may not always know the search terms used.

Furthermore, to find suitable keywords, the knowledge of the correct keyword type is absolutely necessary. At times, long-tail keywords dominated search engine optimization. This is partly due to the small number of competitors. That is why website operators can quickly move up to the top rank of search queries. However, the problem with long-tail keywords lies in their search volume. A search volume of 100 is not enough to be successful with a website.

For this reason, the optimization of similar long-tail keywords and related texts takes place using different keywords. Therefore, it is not recommended that a page presents five individual web pages with the same topic but optimized with different long-tail keywords. This increases the search volume. However, this strategy has had its day. For this reason, website operators rank only as a single long-tail keyword, which however reduces the search volume.

As a result of this negativity, it is worthwhile to switch to Mid Tail Keywords. Even if these are highly competitive, with the right choice and consistent content promotion, they can quickly shoot a website into the top ranks.Therefore, while setting up a plan for a keyword hunting strategy, it is vital to note that the competition is the greatest with short tail keywords. The practice has proven that short tail keywords are not the right choice. Therefore, Mid Tail Keywords are best suited because their competition is limited.

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Types of Keywords

  • Head-term keywords: keywords with one to two words, e.g., classic movies.
  • Long-tail keywords: keywords with three or more phrases,e.g.,traditional wedding photography
  • Navigational keywords: keywords used to locate a particular brand or website, such as Facebook, YouTube, or Gmail.
  • Informational / Entertainment Keywords: These keywords are usually informational in intent – used to discover on a particular topic. The user likely wants a quick answer to a specific question. E.g. “how to…” or “what are the best…”
  • Commercial Keywords

This group comprises most keywords searched for in Google. Here, the user is typing in phrases that request the solution to a problem. Pain points to be solved. It’s the very lifeblood of business.

  • Branded Keywords

Branded keywords reflect the user is searching for a specific company, organization, or individual. There’s obviously commercial intent there, but these keywords are using Google as a sort of phonebook rather than a portal for finding solutions to problems.

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Five simple things to start keyword research:

  • Brainstorm keywords (Make a list of words that are probably used by your clients, as do prospects)
  • Download keywords from Search Console” .
  • Check competitor keywords (Go for long-tail words and phrases)
  • Find your most profitable keywords (Try out free online tools) Some free resources include Ubbersuggest
  • Google keywords to check the relevant search results

Bottom Line:

keyword research is not an exact science, and there are no right or wrong answers. You’ll need to use your judgment and common sense because if you’re looking for a tool or method to tell you conclusively which keywords you should be targeting, you’ll be disappointed that the only ones who will do this are too basic to be of any use.

Also, remember that keyword research is never “done.” We usually revisit our clients’ target keyword lists every six months or so, once we’ve seen how the rankings respond to the optimization and to make sure that the phrases, we’re targeting are still the most suitable. Keywords are important and relevant for applying such keywords. A good number of resources are available to find the right keywords. Keywords are essential to use, but overdoing could be harmful.

Now that you have understood what is involved in getting a website to the top of Google, you may have determined you would need some help with some or all of your Keywords research and general SEO work. If so, we’d love to talk with you at Phoenix Creative Media about taking it on, so you can get on with running the business.

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