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How to Improve Your Google Ranking: Our AZ Web Design Company Will Share with You Some Tips on How to Improve Your SEO

What differentiates your website with great content and no traffic from a website whose content is not so great but has lots of traffic on a Google search page is keyword optimization, and it is an essential aspect of your website marketing. To improve your website’s Google ranking, you have to do a Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for the website. The take of our web design company, AZ on SEO is that, though it is by far the surest and one of the best ways of marketing your website and increasing traffic, it is one of the most tasking of all the website marketing strategies to achieve. There are, however, some ways to go about increasing your website’s ranking in Google with little effort, and those are the SEO strategies we will be sharing from the Phoenix SEO experts. According to our Az web design company, the main aspect you should focus on is your Google analytics, and here is how you should go about it:


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Identify the keywords In Which You Almost Rank high

The goal of improving your Google ranking is to be on page one, where the majority of people end their search because they often find what they are looking for on the first page, and it’s on rare occasions people go past the first page. That being said, you have to identify your keywords or key phrases in which you almost rank high, and if you look at the queries section in your Google Analytics. For that, go to your “Acquisition,” then click on “search console,” and then “queries.” The queries report shows you the key phrases for which your website ranks on Google. To get the keywords you need, sort them by using an advanced filter, to those with an average position greater than say, ten as they tend to be in pages two, three, and above but not on page one. Select the key phrase that is relevant to your website and confirm where it ranks on the Google search page and how you used it on your web page where you used it and the frequency of use.

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Different report, different ranking

According to our Az web design company you should also note that sometimes, your real-time Google ranking may be different from the analytics report and they are usually due the fact that the Google analytics report covers your website’s rating for the last three months but not for the last two days. Also, the ranking may be in images, videos, or other sections but not in the “All” section. Other times, you may rank higher (page one) if your website has more than one page with that keyword.


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Add Valuable Content To Optimize You Website While Avoiding Decline

People often make this mistake of causing the decline of their website’s ranking for other keywords by optimizing it for another keyword. To ensure you avoid decline, check the page for other keywords that rank high, and if it has, and generates lots of traffic, you can leave the page and search for another keyword or key phrase and restart the process. If you finally find a page that will not be losing traffic from other keywords when you optimize, then the next thing to do will be to optimize your page so that the keyword will be in the page title, which is the clickable link on the Google search page. It should also reflect in the header of the page and a few times in the body text.

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Use semantics To Mix Your Keywords & Phrases

One of the mistakes people make when optimizing their website is over stuffing the page with keywords. Imagine seeing the same word about ten times on a page, it may be good for the bots but will definitely irritate the real visitors when they visit your site, and that is where the use of semantics comes into the SEO strategy. Tips from our Az web design company on how to semantics requires that you mix your keywords or key phrases with other related keywords or key phrases. You can find these related words at the bottom of your first search page. Mixing your keywords with their semantics increases your chances of ranking high, and makes your page more presentable or pleasing to visitors looking for valuable information.


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Quality Content & Consistency Is Important To Rank Your Website

The previous steps may attract visitors for the first time, but to keep them coming, and even referring other visitors, you need to give them what they are looking for, and that means your newly optimized page must pass the intended message and not just be a page of keywords and synonyms. The last aspect of how to improve your ranking in Google is consistency. Things change, and keywords are not immune to these changes, so, to ensure a top ranking in Google for your website, you have to do your SEO regularly, at least quarterly. For more tips on updated SEO strategies for your website, visit our web design company, Az.

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