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5 Secrets To Increase Your Website Engagement

Attracting visitors to your business website is only half the battle. The real goal is making those visitors feel welcome and interested in exploring all that your site has to offer. This will significantly increase the odds that they sign up for your free newsletter, take advantage of a special offer or promotion, and move closer to the ultimate decision to purchase.
But this is only possible if you’ve done everything possible to engage visitors and give them a good reason to stick around.
Remember-almost everyone decides to stay or go within seconds of clicking on your home page. So how can you more fully engage prospective clients?
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Create Worthy & Interesting Content For Your Website

1. Make things easy: Your website should be designed specifically from the user’s perspective. Content should be easy to read (actually, easy to scan)-with boldface headlines, bullet points, call-out quotes, etc. Navigation should be intuitive and logical, one page leading to another in a way that makes sense to the user. Sub-pages should be categorized in a coherent way and simple to find from anywhere on the site.

Get Rid Of Those Annoying 404 Errors

2. No glitches or “404 errors” allowed: Has it been a while since you or someone on your team has checked out the functionality of the website? All it takes is one wrong link to frustrate a visitor and send her elsewhere. Take time to do a comprehensive “check-up,” eliminating any duplicate page titles and “Page not found” error messages.

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Offer Content That Will Benefit Other As A Gift

3. Give something away: Content of value should be immediately accessible (and prominently displayed to catch the user’s eye). This can be anything from brief “how-to” pieces to blog posts relating to topics of interest to prospective clients. From there, reward visitors who agree to provide their email address by offering material of even more excellent value-for example, an in-depth white paper or PDF addressing an issue of concern to those in your field.

Write Engaging Content Thats Not Boring

4. Focus on compelling content: When it comes to creating content for your site, what’s the cardinal rule? Don’t be boring. Whatever business you and your clients are in, there are always inventive ways to make the topics more interesting. You have to use your imagination. (If people aren’t entertained while they’re being informed, they will generally opt-out) Use stories and personal anecdotes to make your content come alive.

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Be Creative When Creating Your Content

5. Keep content dynamic: The most engaging websites offer content and images that are always changing. Use such devices as sidebars that can load new content every other day. Offer customer surveys. Feature videos and photos. Compile a list of “Recently Featured” or “Most Popular Links” that draw visitors more in-depth into the site. People are always interested in what other people are looking at. Another great idea: Add two or three “recommended articles” to the end of each post or feature, encouraging visitors to stick around longer.


It requires time and energy to maintain an engaging website. But the pay-off-in terms of time spent on the site, pages seen per visit, bounce rates, and search engine rankings-is well worth the effort. In long run this will pay off later for your business. If you need help creating better website contact our Arizona Web Design Company.

Meet The Author & Owner Of Phoenix Premier Creative Media

 Hi, I’m Robert your local Phoenix web design expert. I’ve been working with businesses for about 9 years, and helping them with their website, graphic design, and digital marketing needs. I serviced local businesses with web & graphic design services in Metro Detroit before moving here from Michigan. One of the things I enjoyed when serving local business in my community was the connection I had with my clients and helping them achieve their web design goals and making their businesses rank on online search engines. Now that I’m in Phoenix, I want to share that same passion with the community. If you’re struggling to create a website or have a website that’s not converting call today and I will be happy to help you  get on the path to success.

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