There are numerous strategies to increase conversions when developing a website. These strategies are so effective. You can add them to any website to instantly increase the number of visitors converting to our clients.

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Apply A Chat Feature On Your Website To Create Website Engagement

The first strategy you might want to execute is adding a chat space to your website. Research shows that 80 to 90% of people coming to your site are there to check you out and not to engage with you, but when you add a chat feature to your website, even the most casual browser is much more likely to start a conversation via chat than any other method. Another research shows that up to 42% of customers prefer to live chat compared to email.

The chat features can be automatic or manual. The manual version is you or someone on your team who need to respond to every individual chat request, which can be good because it’s hard to duplicate the human experience with a bot. Still, automatic chatbots have an advantage as they can answer frequently asked questions and even start conversations with customers.


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Add Call To Actions The Allow You Users To Schedule An Appointment

The next strategy is to schedule an appointment or consultation on your site. Most businesses with that goal just have a contact forum and prospects to fill out that form. However, the best strategy to use is an appointment booking widget that your web designer can embed right on your website in minutes. Prospects will be able to pick from available time slots, and in most cases, you’re always in control of who you meet and when. The scheduling tools work with many apps and can be securely integrated with your calendar. The beauty of this apps is that it can send you and your prospect a reminder before the meeting, and the cool thing is your designer can embed the scheduler right on your website in minutes. A perfect example of these apps is Calendly.

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Apply The Principle Of Social Proof Using Google Reviews & Other Testimonials

Another strategy you can execute to have more conversions is social proof. Social proof simply refers to the idea of showing new prospects that others have already taken action with you. Most people want to see what your previous clients said about your services before committing their hard-earned cash. In the end, they will be willing to take action just because other people are; and that is what social proof is all about. You can do this by adding reviews and testimonials to your website. The fast way to add it to your site is with a social proof pop-up. You only need to decide on where you want it on your web page such that every site visitor gets to see it.

Those are some of the best strategies you can execute today to have increased conversion of your prospects. If you need to implement these website strategies on your existing website, feel free to contact us at Phoenix Premier Digital Marketing & Web Design by clicking here. We are a local web design and marketing agency in Phoenix, AZ. We will help you with marketing and website strategy execution. It’s our goal to turn idle internet users into paying customers for you. Feel free to check our website to see what our clients said about us. You will be glad to do business with us.


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