Psychology of Influence and How it Helps Your Website Engagement & Online Marketing

An effective website design pulls the reader in and uses influential design principles to guide visitors into following a course of action. This professional Arizona web design company knows how to build influential website designs. Every website they create makes good use of the following psychological principles to close more sales or pull in more leads.

1.Social Proof
2. Liking
3. Establish Authority
4. Create Scarcity
5. Inspire Reciprocity
6. Commitment and Consistency


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1. Developing Social Proof

Social proof is all about getting people comfortable with your offer by showing that other people use your product or service and get benefits and value from it.

Good examples of social proof include a Facebook page with an engaged community or testimonials from an industry expert. When people see an industry expert talking about your product – who they may already know and trust – the credibility of your company goes up.

Reviews by real customers are also a powerful form of social proof and are an easy addition for your Arizona web design company to include on your page. Prospects will often seek out reviews on Google reviews and research them on the various trade directories where your company may have a listing.

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2. Getting People to Like You

When we talk about getting people to like you, we are referring to establishing a connection with your audience. For instance, you could create a landing page featuring a video testimonial about how and why you developed your product or service.

In the video, you can relate to the viewer by telling them how you were once in their position and decided to do something about it. You solved your problem and realized other people would be in the same situation and desperately seeking a solution. So, you created your product to help more people.

Tell a story so your prospects can get to know and like you better. You can tell a story through text, but a video will have a more significant impact.

Don’t spend too long explaining yourself, or take a long-winded route getting to the point. Your goal is to get your prospects to like you, which won’t happen if you bore them so much they leave your site.

Essentially, you want to show your viewer that you were once in their shoes, and you know what it will take to pull them out of their current predicament.

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3. Establish Authority

People trust authority figures more, but how do you use your website to establish this highly sought-after online commodity? One way to build authority is to post great content that is actionable and solves a problem.

When you give value-adding information away for free, people will see that you know how to solve problems and get things done. If your free content is high-quality, then you will build confidence that your paid stuff must be even better.

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4. Create Scarcity

Creating scarcity as a sales tactic is often overused, and it can damage your brand if you don’t get it right. When you generate scarcity for your product or service, you want to make sure you are genuine.

For instance, reducing the price of a product for a limited time is a form of scarcity. It’s a common strategy to attract buyers and generate some buzz about a new product. However, you will need to raise the prices when you say you are going to raise them.

Another way you could generate a sense of scarcity is to sell an old model at a heavily discounted price to make way for a new model. You only have a few of the earlier models left.

If you have an informational product (eBook, PDF, etc.), you could advertise that it will soon be updated, but you will be raising the price when the new revision comes out. Anybody who buys now at the lower price will be guaranteed access to the latest book when it’s published, but they have a limited time to act.

If you teach a skill online, scarcity is created when you re-open your course for new students. Your time and availability are limited, and you can only serve so many at a time.

The above are just a few of the ways you can generate scarcity on your landing page. Your Arizona web design company will have many more ideas, so be sure to ask when you check in with them.

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5. Inspire Reciprocity

People love to return a favor, and you can take advantage of this trait of humanity on your website.

Let’s say your competitors are selling a similar product, but all they have is a sales page. The prospect continues researching and lands on your site to see that you have taken the trouble to create a blog full of information, tips, and tricks.

If the reader uses your content to solve at least part of their problem, then they will be more inclined to order from you through the power of reciprocity. They have already received value from you without spending anything.

You can also use reciprocity to influence sales through free demos or repeated contact through an email campaign after a lead enters your sales funnel.

Make the visitor feel they have already received lots of value from you, and you will move them closer to becoming a paying customer.

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6. Commitment and Consistency

When we talk using commitment and consistency, we are referring to psychological principles that keep your prospects engaged with your brand over the long term.

A good example would be an email campaign. The prospect has engaged with your site and committed to your brand by providing an email address. You create consistency by following up with a series of emails that deliver value.

Another example would be a Facebook group. Your visitors follow a link through to your Facebook group and ask for access. You create consistency when you regularly engage with the group and post valuable information.

You may have a service available on your website that’s attractive and affordable enough that anyone can take advantage of it. Prospects commit to your brand through the cheaper service.

Once your new customers get a taste of what you can offer, you can then provide consistency by telling them about your more expensive service that offers even more value.

Does your website get traffic, but fails to attract leads or close sales? It may be that you are not adequately engaging them through the above psychological principles. Check with your Arizona web design company , who will be more than happy to provide professional advice about how you can boost your website’s performance.


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