Five Secrets for Creating a Website for Your Business From A Phoenix Advertising Agency

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Your Phoenix Web Designers Will Share Top Notch Website Design Tips That They Use ForThere clients

One of the best things you can do for your business and your customers is to create a business website. For starters, a website provides a readily available source of information where customers can find out more about your business no matter the time of day or night.

A well-designed and optimized site can also attract more leads to your business via the search engines. Plus, if your business is involved in selling products or services, the site will be like having an extra salesperson operating around the clock and making sales for your company.

Building a successful website involves a lot of planning. As a professional Phoenix website design service, we’re here to reveal five secrets about site design which will ensure you arrive at an optimal solution.

1. Know Your Website’s Purpose

No doubt you’ve heard that all businesses today should have a website, but the best sites have a well-defined purpose.

Before you start developing your website, you must understand why it should exist. You may want an informational website where customers can learn more about your business before picking up the phone. A business site could also provide an online portal for making sales or an alternative location for customers to contact you via a live chatbox.

Knowing the reason why you are developing a website will help you create an online solution that provides the most benefit to your organization, as well as your visitors.

2. Website Speed Versus Attractive Visuals

Websites need to be visually appealing if you want to keep your visitors interested enough to hang around and read your content. Visually attractive websites will feature graphics as part of their design. However, you don’t want so many images on your pages that they slow down your site’s load times.

Visitors won’t wait long for pages to download and will click back to the search results to try again. Plugins are available which can optimize images, so they download faster and improve the visitor experience.

Media hosting solutions are also available to improve website speed and may prove a cheaper option than a VPS or dedicated server. The images shown on your website are hosted on a separate host. The media host uses fast servers to deliver images much quicker than the speeds your web host can achieve.

3.Include Video on Your Website

Including videos on your pages can provide many advantages to a business website. Google will often give preference in the search results to sites featuring video content. The search giant does this because it knows that videos are what the people want.

Many of your visitors will prefer to learn about your company via video. When they take the time to view your videos on your website, it increases visitor dwell time.

Google uses dwell time to help determine how well your website might be solving the searcher’s problem or answering their questions. If a visitor spends more time on your site, then this is an indicator to Google that your page is helping the viewer with their search query.

4. Website Navigation

A site’s design needs to present an intuitive, easy to use interface. If visitors have difficulty finding the information they need, they won’t persevere until they find it; most will leave to find an easier site to use.

Google also puts a lot of emphasis on websites which function well on mobile devices’ small screens. If your site performs poorly on a small screen, Google can tell and may boot your page from the search rankings.

If you have little experience in mobile responsive websites, your Phoenix website design service will be more than happy to work out a solution for your business.

5. Unique, Engaging Content

Every website needs content, but Google prefers unique material which solves problems and answers questions.

Most websites can benefit from regularly updated blogs. Articles you post on your blog create more opportunities to rank for different keywords. Whenever you discover new keywords people are using to find your business, you can create a new blog post covering those keywords and create more potential for search engine traffic.

If you are like most Phoenix business owners, you are busy running your company and don’t have time to learn all the skills it takes to get a website online and ranking well. Your local Phoenix web designer have affordable options for your website needs and can also guide you in creating the most efficient online solution for your situation.

 Hi, I’m Robert your local Phoenix web design expert. I’ve been working with businesses for about 9 years, and helping them with their website, graphic design, and digital marketing needs. I serviced local businesses with web & graphic design services in Metro Detroit before moving here from Michigan. One of the things I enjoyed when serving local business in my community was the connection I had with my clients and helping them achieve their web design goals and making their businesses rank on online search engines. Now that I’m in Phoenix, I want to share that same passion with the community. If you’re struggling to create a website or have a website that’s not converting call today and I will be happy to help you  get on the path to success.

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