Getting Your Website Design and SEO off the Ground

Getting Your Website Design off the Ground

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Anyone that has ever told you to “never judge a book by its cover” has probably never purchased a book. If the old “never judge a book by its cover” saying was true, then why would we as a society attempt to always try and provide a good first impression when meeting new people? When we walk into a interview? Isn’t it in the employer’s best interest to judge the person who walks in with unkempt hair wearing sweatpants more so than the person who walked in well groomed and wearing a suit? Your website is not excluded from any standard, much like if you walked into a barber shop with no lighting and unsanitary conditions, you’d probably run out of there too. Today we are going to discuss the importance of proper website design fundamentals .

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A website is all a majority of consumers need in order to decide whether to work with you or take their business somewhere else. Afterall, there is a reason why ​retail malls are suffering and online e-commerce is booming​. Every year, the number of consumers online that use e-commerce sites to purchase either unique products, or items they would have previously published at a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment, goes upwards. This is great for you as a brand influencer or business owner because you know the benefits and rewards of operating either part or all of your business online. However, this doesn’t mean that standards of professionalism and marketing change.

Mobile web design Tempe, AZImagine judging your website the same way you would judge someone coming into your business for the first time, do you want the best or do you just need anyone with a pulse? A good website is going to keep your attention with an eye catching and aesthetically pleasing layout.

Additionally, consumers also place an emphasis on ease of use, so providing clear and obvious menu options as well as automated search and assistance tools will help your customer feel as if they are an immediate priority and that you have your ship in top shape.

Much like an author who might be a very skilled writer would probably not be the best choice to design the cover, in that situation you would contract that part of a book design out to a professional book design artist. Your website is not different than any other brand that might need some outside help so that they can provide to you the best product out there as well as keep the consumer in mind.

By working with a website designer/developer, you’ll be working with someone who will help amplify your vision, as well as provide you with the insights and capabilities you might not otherwise have known about. This is the first step in potentially converting someone online into a repeat customer, so make your first impression a great one!

If you’re looking for help to jumpstart your website call your local website professional for assistance.


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