Your Website Has Traffic but No Conversions? – Here’s Why

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Your Website Has Traffic but No Conversions? –  Your Phoenix SEO Experts Tell You Why

A website which brings in traffic, but no conversions is about as useful a site with no traffic or no site at all. When you work hard to bring in visitors, it can be disheartening to see that your efforts aren’t putting more dollars in the bank.

It may be time to cast a critical eye over your website design to see where it may be going wrong. If you’re like most business owners, you may not know what to look out for, which is where your local website designer and SEO expert comes in.

After they review your website, here are a few things they may tell you about why it’s not achieving conversions.

1. Website Speed

New website owners often overlook website speed, but for keeping visitors on your site, speed is essential. Internet users are an impatient bunch and won’t hang around for a page to load. Statistics show they will leave if they are made to wait more than three seconds.

If most of your visitors are gone before they have seen your message, then it will be impossible for you to achieve decent conversion rates.

Your local SEO expert will perform an audit on your site to discover why it might be slow. From there, you can go about optimizing or removing the roadblocks or changing your hosting to a faster server if required.

2. You Don’t Include Enough CTAs

A CTA is a call to action, and it tells your visitors what they should do next. Calls to action should be prominently placed all over your site.

Your local website designer will know where best to insert your CTAs, but for the most part, they should be on every page, above the fold, below the fold, and anywhere else that’s appropriate. Give your visitors every opportunity to take the next step, and make sure they can’t miss it.

3. Website May be Hard to Use

Website designs should be clean, uncluttered, and intuitive to use. If your visitors are always forced to play the guessing game to find out what they need to know they won’t spend much time on your site.

Surveys are one of the best ways to find out what your visitors think of the site. Heat maps also have a role to play, as they show where users are most engaged on each of your pages.

Your SEO expert will also set up Google Analytics so you can collect data about what visitors are doing once they reach your site. All this information will provide valuable insight into how well (or poorly) your website is performing. Once you know where it’s failing, you will then be able to develop a plan to fix it.

Creating a website that converts can be challenging, but with the help of your local website designer, it’s a challenge worth doing. A website with traffic that converts is an asset that will keep on giving, but its an ongoing process of testing and innovation.  If you’re looking to drive traffic to your website check out your Phoenix SEO Experts.


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