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A Phoenix Web Design Company Tells You  Why WordPress Should be Your Number One Choice For Website Design?

WordPress has grown beyond its original CMS (Content Management System) design to be a powerful platform for just about every type of website. Blogs, eCommerce stores, and simple 5-page websites are all within WordPress’s capabilities.

WordPress has around 60% of the global CMS market and is powering 14.7% of the top 100 websites in the world. However, popularity isn’t a good enough reason to choose a platform on which to build a business, so here are a few more good reasons WordPress will work for you.

1. WordPress is Free

When you are adding up the costs of your website, the WordPress software platform itself is free. You will only have to pay for the WordPress designer to create your website.

A lot of web development platforms can increase the costs of your website design because they are paid software. Many of them will require expensive annual subscriptions on top of what you have already paid your designer.

Once your website developer Phoenix, AZ service deploys your website, your only ongoing costs will be hosting and maintenance.

2. WordPress Helps With SEO

WordPress adheres to standard compliance high-quality code which produces semantic mark-up. In simpler terms, what this means to you is that Google (and other search engines) will love your site.

While good SEO principles are built into WordPress out of the box, you can enhance its SEO capabilities even further with a quality SEO plugin. A WordPress plugin is a piece of software you add to WordPress to enhance its capabilities.

The plugins won’t do the SEO work for you, but they do keep a close eye on your content and let you know about things you may have missed.

3. WordPress is Secure

WordPress is one of the safest platforms you can use to keep your site secure. It’s quick, easy, and affordable for your WordPress designer to implement SSL and create a safe online environment for your visitors.

The creators of WordPress are also regularly updating the platform to improve security as well as performance. While WordPress itself goes a long towards creating a secure site, there are other measures your WordPress designer can implement to make it even safer, such as professional plugins and backup solutions.

These are just a few of the reasons you should consider WordPress as the platform for your online presence, but there are many more. Talk to your website developer, Phoenix, AZ service, and discuss your options today.

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