Digital Marketing Strategies,The Power of Influence: Applying The Reciprocity Principle To Your Online Marketing Strategy

In 3 of my pervious articles I covered the principles of social proof, scarcity, and other powerful weapons of influence you can apply in your online marketing strategy. In this article we will talk about how powerful Reciprocity is and how to apply it to your digital & social media marketing.

What Is The Reciprocity Principle ?

The Principle of Reciprocity is a strategy that works well in marketing. It is based on you giving out first before expecting something in return. It is a psychological tool or weapon that can be used to influence current and potential customers. Have you ever felt obligated to do something for somebody just because he or she did something else for you? Have you ever been in such a situation? There are chances you must have been in such a situation even though you might not recall.

The principle of Reciprocity states says that in many social situations, we pay back what we received from others. If you offer your customers free service, he’s likely to fall for your next offer next time you offer him an extra package.

Taking social media as an instance, the best strategy to organically grow likes on Facebook and followers on Twitter is the reciprocity strategies. If you follow 100 people on Twitter, you will notice that around 5 to 25% will follow you back. If you create a fan page on Facebook in and you’ll like a comment of a potential customer, then they may visit your page and click the like button.

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How Is Reciprocity Important For Your Digital Marketing Strategy ?

Reciprocity is a basic rule of engagement in digital marketing strategy. You have to follow the golden rule of “I will scratch your back, and you will scratch mine”. Once you impress others in the marketing sphere, reciprocating every action, you will surely find yourself on the path to making substantial earnings from your online business. The law of reciprocity is the power behind successful online marketing campaigns, which is what will push your clients to visit your site and make those clicks that translate into dollars going into your accounts. There is no finger shaping about this rule as it is purely based on human nature; in fact, it is what drives business networking.

When it comes to online business, you can never achieve anything substantial or make six figures income without the support of others. If you give a partner a business Lead, he will be obliged to find someone whom he can refer to you.

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Offer Promotions On Your Website To Make Your Customers Feel Special

Free Promotional Offers: This is proven to be one of the best strategies you can offer in marketing. Instead of spending so much on marketing Ads Campaign, you can offer free or discounted offers on your products stating your terms clearly. In response, they might not offer you something in return by buying immediately. However, you would have created a feeling in their mind likewise creating your brand awareness.

Make your prospects feel Special: In website Marketing, one of the best ways to make your prospects feel special is to give them a personalised offer. This will surely make them feel special. They will have a psychologically have a feeling you value them. Don’t be a marketer that will send a generic email, rather be the one that will send a customized one.

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Leverage Social Media & Other Tools To Offer Value To Your Customers So They Will Do Business With You

No matter how many or how much you offer; your prospects won’t return the favor if they don’t see the value in it or it doesn’t solve their problems. Firstly, provide value, then you can expect a good return.
Nurture the Relationship: In digital marketing, there is over 70% chance of selling to an existing customer than selling to a new one. The best way to make this happen is to consistently nurture your customer’s relationship. Keep them updated with your products and check on them always and not only when you need to sell.
Leverage Social Media: Social media is a proven platform where you can engage your customers and this is a place where you can make things happen. Social media marketing is an essential aspect of digital marketing, and if you can use this well in executing your reciprocity strategies, you will have a great return.

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Reciprocity is a powerful tool to use in your digital marketing strategies. The influence is the feeling of debt created in the mind of customers, and to maintain this feeling, you need to strive always to provide the best possible, and personalised offer. It’s your duty how your customers feel about what you’re offering them. Note: “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”. Follow the strategies stated above and choose the best-suited offer for your target audience. You will get a result, if you use it correctly.

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