An Arizona Web Design Firm Answers the Question of Why Do I Need a Website?

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Why do I need a website? It’s a simple question often requiring an involved answer. After all, a website is an added expense, and to manage it can take time out of an already busy schedule. However, if you’re a business owner and have found yourself wondering if you need a website, read on to find out from an expert Phoenix web design company why websites are a necessary investment, rather than an optional expense.

Deloitte is a trend analysis firm and their research into businesses newly adopting a website into their marketing strategy found they:

Were three times more likely to be creating jobs.

Achieved four times the revenue growth over the previous year.

Earned twice the revenue per employee.

Achieved six times greater employment growth.

Were three times as likely to have exported over the previous year.

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“Despite these potential gains, 80 percent of US small businesses aren’t taking advantage of digital tools.”

As you can see, the uptake for business websites is quite dismal when you consider the benefits they can provide. Even if are actively engaged on social media, your organization’s digital presence starts with a professionally developed website.

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Once your site is up and running, it will provide the following advantages to your company:

  • Increased credibility for your business
  • Provide 24/7 access to your leads and prospects
  • Ability to reach a wider demographic
  • Will save you time
  • Keep your customers informed

Increase Credibility for Your Business

Most people are finding the things they want online. They are completing their research by comparing their prices, finding solutions, or looking for information before they head out to a bricks and mortar store to make their purchase.

“This Arizona web design company will show you how a website can create more opportunities to build credibility for your business.”

Not only can a website be a great location to share customer testimonials, but they are also the first engagement many of your prospects will have with your business, so you want to make a good impression.

If your customers are searching for you online and you don’t have a website, then it will be your competitors making a great first impression.

Websites Provide 24/7 Access to Your Business

A website means your customers have access to information about your products and services around the clock. If they want to know something, they don’t need to wait for business hours before they can pick up the phone to find out. A well thought out website could also allow them to send off a query which can be answered via email or phone call soon after the business opens.

Ability to Reach a Wider Demographic

Websites are global. If your business is in sales of products or services, then you could potentially expand your market beyond your local sphere of influence. For many business models, a website creates the possibility to create a globe spanning business.

Websites Save Time

How many hours of the day do you spend on the phone talking to tire kickers who never become paying customers? Wouldn’t it save a lot of time if they could do their research and decision making online without taking up hours out of your day.

Take it from a professional website design service who has helped hundreds of local business.

“Websites help to filter out the time wasters, so you get to spend more time on the phone or talking face to face with prospects who are a lot further along in the sales funnel.”

Stay Connected with Your Customers

When your website design service links your site up to your social media channels, you have a fantastic vehicle for keeping your followers informed. When you have a sale, new product, or want to add value through an informative blog post, a website makes it possible to send out almost instantaneous updates.

Now that you understand how important a website can be to your organization, you probably wondering how to ensure you create a professional presence. Talk to your friendly local website design service who have been serving the Phoenix, AZ, Temp, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ, Chandler, AZ, Mesa, AZ, and Fountain Hills.


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